NBA Odds

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Here you will see the latest NBA odds as posted by the popular sportsbooks. If you wish to place a wager on any of the NBA games – simply click on the odds.

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As promised earlier, let’s look at the NBA odds and how they work. First, as you can see from the form above, the NBA odds are displayed in the format Team, Odds, Spread and Total. The odds in this case refer to the money line on the particular NBA game. The favorite basketball team will have odds beginning with “-” and the underdog will have a line with “+”. The spread is the point spread on the NBA game, which indicates the handicap given to one of the teams and the points taken from the other. Finally, the total shows the total points expected by the odds maker, i.e. the combined amount of points of both teams at the official end of the game. You can bet these NBA odds at the USA sportsbooks, spreads and totals by clicking on the numbers. And if you are having a hard time understanding the betting terminology behind the NBA odds, we recommend the betting tips posted on this great website.